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PA System 100-200 people

PA System 100-200 people

  • $125.00

Professional Public Announcement System

Harbinger M60 MV Portable PA system is a simple solution for anyone needing a simple, portable and affordable sound system for smaller performances, presentations and rehearsals. Designed for more intimate spaces, the Harbinger M60 system includes a 4-channel powered mixer, loudspeakers, speaker stand, 2-microphones and even 20' speaker cables. You also get four microphone/instrument inputs with separate volume controls, plus MP3/Aux input for music or backing track playback. It's an ideal system for singer/songwriters, presenters, DJs and instructors who need to entertain a smaller venue. This system can play music from your phones play list.

Simple and easy to use. Requires 120 Volts.

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